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What's a party without games?! Any one of our interactive games are sure to be a hit at your next company picnic, carnival or any other special event! Take a look at all the great games we have to choose from.

Human Bowling
This completely outrageous device allows participants to be strapped to a seat inside of a giant 48" bowling ball. They are rolled down the alley into six five-foot tall pins at the end of the inflated alley. Hope they get a strike, because a spare means another trip down the lane. Each team or Participant has two tries to knock over all the pins. It’s hilarious fun for all! It is all in the aim! Teams of two or more participants go for the bowling gusto. A soft surface such as carpet or grass is recommended for this game. Participants must be at least 4’ tall to participate. Dimensions: 40’ X 15’ electrical requirements: 110 volts drawing 20 amps.

(click to magnify)

Bouncy Boxing
Bouncy boxing is a sizzling hot game for all types of events. Worthy opponents, wearing oversized well-padded boxing gloves, climb into a completely air filled boxing ring and try to knock each other down. A referee calls the shots as the action heats up, with each round ending when a participant scores a point by knocking their opponent down. First boxer who gets three points wins the match. Each match lasts approx. 3-5 minutes. Indoor or shady outdoor area is recommended. Dimensions: 13’X 13’ Electrical requirements: 110 volts drawing 20 amps.

Bungee Running
You don’t have to jump off a cliff to have fun with a bungee cord. The Bungee Running is the horizontal version of the popular sport of Bungee jumping. Two participants wear body harnesses strapped to Bungee cords. Each participant has a 35’ alley to race as far down as they can before....Boing! The Bungee cord pulls them backward onto the inflatable cushioned runway.

The middle wall is marked in 1-foot increments to measure distance traveled by placement of a baton or contestants can grab prizes at designated points along the alley. Dimensions: 35’L X 10’W X 7’H. Electrical requirements: 110volts drawing 20 amps.

Pedestal Joust
As seen on the popular televisions show "The American Gladiators." This game is thrilling! The game involves two participants climbing onto adjustable height podiums (from 3’ to 6’), and standing in the middle of a 24’ X 16’ platform. The Gladiators then strike each other with oversized foam padded jousting poles trying to knock one another off. This game is completely safe as Gladiators wear padded gloves head and face protection and fall into a 24" deep inflated cushion that is surrounded by a 4’ tall inflated walls making it impossible to roll off. Electrical requirements: 120 volt 20 amp circuit.

Human Foosball
Honey, I blew up the foosball Table - and what fun we are having! Participants become the players in a larger than life size (50’ X 30’) version of the all time favorite tabletop game of Foosball. Players are harnessed to bungee cords, which restrict their range of movement and encourages team playing. This is a great crowd pleaser and, who knows maybe a future Olympic event? Two teams of five on each side. Electrical requirements: 110 volts drawing 20amps.


Obstacle Course
This exciting game involves two participants racing each other over a 32-foot long inflatable obstacle course. The game is action packed the entire length of the unit. The object of the game is to be the first to reach the end. Dimensions: 12’ Wide X 32’ Long X 9’ Tall and comes complete with all the components necessary to provide non-stop thrills. Electrical requirements: Two 120 volt, 20 amp circuits.

Rock Wall
Test your climbing skills and see how well you do. Three participants climbing at one time! Hard unit with safety cable, no electric required, two attendants. Additional attendants are required for large groups and fee is adjusted accordingly.

Giant Slide
The biggest game ever! Climb to the top of this 22’ tall slide and have the ride of your life to the bottom. Dimensions: 30’ x 17’ x 22’ high. All ages. Attendant required: 2. Electric blower: 1 @ 15 amps.

Assorted designs.  Electrical requirements: 110 volts drawing 20 dedicated amps within 30’ of unit.



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