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Keep the party going with any of our great carnival booths. Adults and children alike will be entertained by these fun games with great prizes! Minimum of 4 game rental per booking please.


Target Shoot
This booth has a brightly colored 3’ diameter target numbered 1 through 12, and may be spun for added difficulty. Object of the game is to shoot three suction darts from a crossbow gun, which is provided for 15 points or higher.

Basketball Toss
The basketball hoop is built onto a back wall within the booth which players toss the ball underhand to make a basket. Object of the game is to get two out of three baskets.

Galaxy Loop Toss
This game provides a deep blue backboard painted to represent the Galaxy with wooden dowels of various lengths extending from the backboard. Object is to toss hemp loops and get them to remain on dowels.

Fairground Bean Bag Toss
This booth offers a beautifully hand painted A–Frame board of a Fairground setting with several openings of which players toss beanbags. Three out of four.

Hearts-Are-Wild Bean Bag Toss
This game provides three triangles with each one having a HEART or either a Spade, or a Diamond, or a Club. Object is to get three of a kind, with HEARTS BEING WILD! Four beanbags per turn.

Cover the Spot
Two players can play at a time. Object is to drop metal discs to cover all the red in a circle. Game can be made easier or more difficult by the amount of discs given for play.

Bart Simpson Ball Toss
Artists rendering of Bart with wide-open mouth. Object is to toss softballs into Bart's mouth and have it stay. 2 out of 4 tries.

Bushel Basket Ball Toss
Two players at one time, toss softballs into slightly angled baskets. Object is to toss balls and keep them in the basket. Three out of four balls

Dime Toss
We supply the dimes! Object is to toss seven dimes and get five of them on all white without touching Any Red!

Player is given four balls; they toss them into an A-Frame Tic Tac Toe divided wooden box trying for three in a row.

Ring the Bottle
This Game is one of our tougher games; players toss plastic rings and must get them to stay on the neck of bottles provided. One out of seven wins!



Game Booths
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Stand the Bottle
Player is given a rod with attachment, object is to stand the long neck bottle upright without it falling off its base.

Kiddy Castle Ball Bingo
This game has a castle with two chimney chutes. Player can choose either chute to drop ball, and can even position the end of the chute to point where they need it. Maze is sectioned like a Bingo card; object is to get five in a row. 15 balls per turn.

Kiddy Duck Pond
Which has a pond with a waterfall filled this real popular game with plastic ducks. Object is to find a duck with a star on its bottom within two tries. Water & Electric required.

Kiddy Lollypop Tree
This game has a make–believe lollypop tree filled with real lollypops. Player selects flavor of their choice. Keeping the pop, and if there is a marking on stem they win an additional prize. (Minimum of four booth-rental when renting this game.)

Kiddy Go Fishing
Children get to demonstrate their fishing skills as they try to hook a BIG FISH!

Clown Bean Bag Toss
This game has an A–Frame sign painted with a large colorful Clown Face. There are several holes throughout the sign for bean–bags. Three out of 4 wins!

Football Toss
This game has a cut–out circle in the backboard complete with artwork. Object is to get two out three balls through opening.

Milk Can Toss
We have two old-fashioned milk cans for players to toss softballs into either unit. Two out of three to win!

New Items!

  • Joker's Wild
  • Wooden Bottle Knock Down
  • Live Wire
  • Snakes Alive
  • Spin Art
  • Frisbee Art
  • Wax Hands
  • Sand Art

Call for details!!!!!

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